Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Attachment disorder indicates a child’s poor psychological growth

Arising out of the children’s inability to establish intimate bonds with closed ones, an attachment disorder acts as an impediment to their psychological growth. Infancy is such a phase in a child’s life when he requires utmost parental care and attention. Nevertheless, some parents or care givers lack basic parenting skills and therefore, are incapable of sufficiently nurturing their children’s emotional and physical needs. Consequently, their children develop a feeling of detachment and avoid coming in close contact with anyone. Such symptoms are the indicators of an attachment disorder, which takes its complete shape when they reach the age of four or five.

Apart from this, an attachment disorder may also take place when a child has to face separation from his first or primary care giver. He is shifted in the hands of another care giver and it brings extreme sadness him. As a result, he is unable to form that same intimacy with him. He grows with an affected mentalistic pattern and is often found listless. He is not fond of playing interesting child games and does not like to socialize with people. Such a severe behavior disorder may also give rise to an aggressive attitude in him, thereby making him an out of control child. It is, therefore, recommended that parents must consult a psychologist at the earliest when their children exhibit such undesirable qualities.