Monday, September 27, 2010

Behavior disorder impacts a child’s long-term growth

Behavior Disorder in a child depicts his pattern of psychology and cognition. Reflecting negative traits, it turns him hostile, aggressive, and rude. Taking place during his infancy, Reactive attachment disorder (RAD) and Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) are two of the major child behavior problems, which restrict his healthy growth and development in long-term. An attachment disorder occurs due to the negligence shown by parents towards their children. Infancy is that period in a child’s life when he needs maximum care and attention. It is the feeling of attachment that develops a precious bond between him and his parents or care giver. And when this bond is broken due to the ignorant behavior shown by parents, the child is not mature enough to tolerate the situation and therefore, his mental status gets affected. Ultimately, he is engulfed by this behavior disorder. Such parents must learn basic parenting skills, failing to do which; they may face the aggressive attitude of their child in future.

Another major reason of this behavior disorder could be the separation of the child from his primary care giver. He develops a strong bond with the person who has been nurturing him right from his birth. Suddenly, if he has to separate from him and shift to the secondary care giver, it worsens the circumstances for him. He cannot compromise with this change and misses that old warmth and affection. As a result, he acquires a feeling of detachment and does not respond to pampering gestures shown by anyone. Such a behavior disorder keeps maturing with his growing age and finally, it takes the shape of a reactive attachment disorder. Such a child falls under the category of defiant children who avoid socializing with people and exhibit an indecent behavior.

At some point or the other, this behavior disorder is related to oppositional defiance wherein a child incurs undesirable symptoms like dominance, impoliteness, resentment, short-temperedness, stubbornness, deliberately irritating people, and going against rules or regulations. Usually, children tend to exhibit oppositional defiance when they are tired, hungry, stressed or upset. Besides, arguing with parents or senior authorities like teachers and disobeying them is one of the common habits among defiant children. If such a condition continues for a long time and you notice that the attitude of your out of control child is different from children of his age, it is the time to consult a psychologist otherwise this behavior disorder may mar his mental growth.

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