Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Reactive Attachment Disorder

Abusive and defiant behavior is a common condition for a growing child. That condition is scientifically known as Reactive attachment disorder, it is a serious mental illness, which in fact leads to less emotional bond with parents and other guardians. Although most people may seem to be a temporary disorder, the disease increases with passing time. If your child suffers from severe colic disorder, is unable to gain weight, is replaced by the company or is difficult to confront, then he is obviously a victim of reactive attachment disorder.

Attachment disorders are not sudden or immediate. The problem is nourished months and may last an explosive result. The root of each child's behavioral problems began the day when the child is neglected or ignored feels.

The lack of proper attachment form with the parents or caregivers from Bad previous experience, such as abuse or abrupt separation from parents in developing countries years ago. The age between 6 months to 3 years is a critical development period for a child. Therefore has a cumbersome structure of relations in this age of the child's emotional balance.

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