Friday, August 6, 2010

Child Behaviour Problems create discomfort for parents

Most of the kids are entrapped by the major child behavior problems like Reactive attachment disorder and Oppositional defiant disorder, which are considered to be dangerous for their growth and development. Such disorders take birth when a child is an infant. During this period, he is not mature enough to understand the ongoing circumstances, which may be unfavorable for him. His parents may not nurture him with the sufficient care and attention, which are his primary needs. Due to the lack of basic parenting skills, some parents are negligent towards the needs of their infants. As a result, the child develops a sense of detachment and this feeling grows as soon as he develops physically and mentally. The problem matures and takes the form of Reactive attachment disorder whereby he cannot develop bonds with his family members or friends. The child is unable to trust anyone and therefore, he prefers living in isolation.

Such child behavior problems may also occur due to the separation of the child from his first care giver. He may have been shifted in the hands of secondary care giver and could not make that intimate bond with him. So, an attachment disorder makes a child full of apprehensions that he may lose his closed ones. That is why he does not make friends and avoids socializing with anyone. This disorder mars his psychological pattern and is proved to be harmful for his personal, family, and academic life. Such children are often found crying and they remain upset. Sometimes, they may try to come in contact with strangers to seek comfort and pleasure.

RAD Consultancy offers modern treatments for child behavior problems and helps you deal with your child’s undesirable attitude. Sometimes, these children may also acquire negativistic qualities and start throwing tantrums. This is the stage when they suffer from emotional turbulence and become extremely stubborn, aggressive, and dominant. Such symptoms reveal that they have been victimized by Oppositional defiant disorder. Defiant children are disobedient or disrespectful towards their parents and senior authorities like teachers. They cultivate an anti-social behavior within their attitudinal pattern, which becomes entirely different from that of a normal child. Constantly arguing with adults, non-compliance with rules, feeling of resentment, using bad words, and lack of accountability are common in their nature. Even when someone tries to pamper or provide them comfort, they misbehave with the person and hate those consoling gestures.

RAD Consultancy has designed a suitable remedy for these child behavior problems also. Our ODD treatments are quite speedy as we don’t conduct face-to-face interactions. Instead, we train and guide the mother of an out of control child over telephone every week. She acts as his agent of change and a slight improvement is possible in his behavior within few weeks. Moreover, a complete transformation can be seen within few months. RAD Consultancy also offers solutions for other child behavior problems like Conduct Disorder (CD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Bipolar Disorder (BPD) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or depression.

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