Friday, August 6, 2010

Children suffering from an attachment disorder avoid socializing with people

Attachment disorder is one of the major child behavior problems, which create a stressful situation for parents. They find that their children often keep crying and avoid coming in close contact with anyone. Even after getting mature, they are not much in communication with closed ones and do not make friends. Furthermore, they are an underachiever and unable to concentrate on studies. Also known by the name Reactive attachment disorder, an attachment disorder takes place only if the child had to go through a difficult phase during his infancy. This is a severe mistake on the part of his parents who could not fulfill his essential requirements because they did not possess the basic parenting skills. Deprived of adequate care and attention, children are not mature enough to stand such unfavorable circumstances and therefore, they become the victims of such a behavior disorder.

Another major cause of an attachment disorder could also be related to the separation of the child from his primary care giver. A child feels safe and secure in the hands of that person who has been nurturing him right from his birth. Therefore, he is able to explore the world freely. Unfortunately, if he is moved in the hands of another care giver, he misses that friendly atmosphere and cannot develop an intimate relationship with him. At this point of time, he starts weaving a barrier of detachment that restricts his cognitive growth and development. The disorder keeps growing with his maturing age and takes its full shape when he attains the age between five and six years. Consequently, he is fearful of losing relationships and hence, avoids indulging in them. Surrounded by loneliness, such a child is not fond of socializing or interacting with people. Moreover, he is not inclined to playing interesting child games.

Psychologists believe that children suffering from an attachment disorder are more likely to acquire oppositional defiant disorder whereby they start exhibiting anti-social behavior. Such defiant children acquire traits like argumentativeness, stubbornness, vengefulness, non-compliance, and dominance. Their mind is filled with intense anger and they seldom obey or show respect to their parents or senior authorities like teachers. They are perfect at manipulation and never hold themselves responsible or answerable for anything. They blame others even for their own mistakes. Going against rules and instructions, they want things to go in their own way. They dislike comforting gestures shown by a person who tries to pamper them. Such a critical situation puts their psychological growth at risk, thereby affecting their personal, academic and social life.

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